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Loader Overview

The 'Loader' is the utility to load the database using the files that you have purchased from various providers such as Daz3D, Renderosity, Poser Pros, RuntimeDNA etc. or downloaded as freebies.

Files from different providers can be stored within the same directory on a hard-drive or DVD/CD. The loading of these files requires a little extra work than if they were stored in different directories (which is the default).

Loading your file information

The following are the steps required to load files into the database:
  1. Select the drive/folder that contains the files in the 'Folders' section.
  2. In the 'Files' section either for the 'Load' option select 'All' if they are all from the same provider, or 'Selected' if not.
  3. If 'Selected' is the selected option, select the files that are to be loaded by 'Ctrl-Click'ing their name in the 'Files' list.
  4. In the 'Load Files' section type either the name that you have given the CD/DVD, or some name to help you identify the location of the file.
  5. Select the 'Provider' where the files came from (you can add your own via the 'Maintenance' menu option, or select 'Other' if none match).
  6. Select the 'splitter' location. This is what denotes the split between the item/product code from the rest of the filename.
    1. If none is present select 'None' (which will be the case in most freebies).
    2. 'Start' works for filenames like ps_ac123 - xxxxx.exe; 12345 - artist - etc.
    3. 'End' works for filenames like xxxxxx - ps_ac123.exe, artist - productname - etc.
    4. It will not work for product codes not at the start or end of the filename. If you have named them similar to Daz3D - pas_ac123 - xxxx.exe then there is an inbuilt file renaming utility under the 'Tools' menu that you can use to strip the 'Daz3D - ' from all the filenames.
  7. Select the 'Code Splitter Type' that matches the symbol/character that seperates the code from the rest of the filename.
  8. If you do not want to allow more than one entry in the database with the same code/provider combination then tick the 'No Duplicates' option.
    1. The code/provider combination means that file 12345 - from Renderosity will be loaded if file 12345 - from Poser Pros has already been loaded, but will not be loaded if a file with code 12345 from Renderosity has already been loaded.
  9. Click the 'Load' button. Your files will now be loaded into the database.

Example of loading files stored on a DVD/CD

The following is a walkthrough of how to load files into the database.

I put a disk, which I have called 'Daz3d Disc x' in my DVD drive (F:)

I use the 'Load' tab in the Poser Files database and then select the F drive in the folders window. All the Daz3d files on the disc are loaded into the 'Files' window.

I type 'Daz3D Disc x' in the 'Disc Name' field, and select 'Daz3D' as the provider.

In my case the files are name product code - product name.exe e.g. ps_ch165 - Dragon Fish.exe so I select 'Code Splitter Location' as 'Start' and 'Code Splitter Type' as 'Dash'.

When I click load, all the Daz3D files on that disc are loaded into the database, with the code part of the filename being loaded up into the code field, and the rest of the filename being loaded up into the filename field.

At this point I can click the 'Links Update' tab and click 'Update'. All Daz3D and RuntimeDNA entries in the database will have their 'product url' field set to the correct url based on the 'product code' for that entry. Poser Pros and Renderosity files have their product url set on load if their product code is present.

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