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Poser Files Database is designed to aid in the catalouging of content for Poser, DazStudio, Vue, and other similar 3D tools. It can be used simply as a way to find a particular file or to provide detailed information about all products in one location.


  • Integrated updating of database to current version (regardless of the version that you are using)
  • Online/Offline mode when click on an entry in the file list if that application is online the products web page (if known) will load in an integrated browser, if offline an associated image will load.
  • Utility to search for runtimes.
  • Integrated Database loading utility
  • Integrated Product page update utility.
  • Integrated product price, name, requirements, and figure for update utility (currently on for Daz3D products)
  • Filtering of products list by Provider, Code, Figure, filename, artist, license, file type, and comments.
  • Provider Maintenance to allow you to add/remove your own providers to the list.
  • License Maintenace to allow you to add/remove your license information to the list with the actual license text

Product Information

The following can be specified for each product:
  • Product code and url
  • Product Name field.
  • Associate an image with product via download from provider site or upload from hard drive
  • DS Only flag
  • Minimum Poser Version required
  • Comments
  • Requirements field
  • Specifying which figure(s) a product is for
  • Specifying which product type(s) a product is
  • Specifying which runtime(s) the product has been installed into
  • Specifying which artists created the product
  • ReadMe field (with automated population for Renderosity, Poser Pros, and 3DCommune products)
  • File Size
  • Price
  • Price Paid
  • Order Number
  • Date Downloaded/Ordered
  • License

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